Eastern Petroleum Corp. said its EC Gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) business unit was expected to achieve a major milestone this year with its customer base growing by more than two times.

“We expect to double the number of households that would be using our EC Gas LPG system by the end of the year,” company chair and CEO Fernando L. Martinez said.

He said that  about 30,000 households had converted to the EC Gas LPG systems, which were touted as the safest among cooking fuel products.

Eastern Petroleum has accredited about 200 EC Gas distributors and dealers in the country.

To meet the projected demand for EC Gas LPG systems, Martinez said, the company was also expanding its franchise network. It is currently processing and finalizing the applications of more than 300 prospective franchisees in the country.

“With the reasonably-priced franchise package, the EC Gas business model has helped and enabled budding entrepreneurs to take their first step in setting up their first business ventures,” Martinez said.

Based on customer feedback, Martinez said, most households noticed some 30- to 40 percent savings in their monthly LPG consumption. Some customers said that it took them more than two months to empty their tanks.

The EC Gas LPG System was designed based on the latest composite cylinder technology that uses seamless polymer, fiberglass construction, and molded HDPE (high-density polyethylene) casing.

It also comes with specially designed regulators that are built for efficiency and safety and also built to last.

Martinez said this technology made EC Gas cylinders explosion proof even in direct exposure to fire, 70 percent lighter than steel tanks, and translucent that makes LPG content visible to its users.

Source: https://business.inquirer.net/195807/ec-gas-user-base-seen-to-double


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